Yacht Management

Crew employment

We can assist with the sourcing of Captains and crew and ensure that they hold the necessary qualifications for the appropriate coding and flag state requirements.

Payroll & social security

With the complexities of employment legislation it is important that the correct framework is put in place to protect the interests of crew members and the owner of a vessel.

Based in Jersey we are not part of the EU/EEA, so we are ideally placed to provide a full range of employer options. Non EU employment and payroll avoids the need to be involved with complex social security, PAYE and National Insurance requirements.

Captains and crew can be employed under specially designed contracts under which their salaries are paid gross and the responsibility falls upon the employee to meet any social security and income tax liabilities.  We are also able to advise on the advantages of other forms of remuneration including schemes to secure crew loyalty and protection.

Radio Licensing

British registered ships are required to have all radio telecommunications equipment type approved and licensed.  We can deal with all aspects of radio licensing to ensure you are fully compliant. 

Administration and Accountancy

Whatever structure is established, running a yacht, paying crew and possibly the filing of VAT returns can be daunting.  We have the capability within our Group to provide all accounting and administration services, including the provision of bank accounts and debit cards, through our regulated Group Companies.